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3 KG Coffee Roasters Machine

Coffee Roasters Machine

AARoasta 3kg Gas coffee roaster is the ideal small batch roaster for micro roasters, you can roast upto 3kg of Green coffee at once, and have a roast of coffee cooling off in the tray at the same time. Operation is straight forward, with controls for the drum/exhaust fan to be on or off, heating to be on or off and the cooling tray on/off. A digital thermostat displays the bean mass temperature, and can be set to your required top temperature - which when reached will issue an audible alert and turn off the heat until the temperature drops below it. Roast progression can be checked via the site glass and also the coffee picker, the roasted coffee is then released by pulling up on the exhaust gate handle.


Model: ARST-3
Batch Capacity: 3 kgs Per Batch
Dimensions 1770mm X 1280mm X 1260mm (L X W X H ) overall
Roasting Time : 12 Minute to 20 Minutes.
Cooling Time 5 Minutes
Hour Capacity : 6kg to 9kg Per Hour
Daily Capacity : ( For 8 Hours) 64 kg / Daily Dark Roast – 48 kg / Daily
Power consumptions 460-watt max. & 295-watt min.
Colour Customize Options
Weight : 226 Kg APPROX.
Voltage : 220 VOLT 50Hz / 60 Hz
Heating System LPG / Natural Gas.
Consumption of Gas 1.98 m³ (LPG) &
2.86 m³ (NATURAL GAS)
1.386 Kg & 2.37 Kg
Type of Roasting : Convection & Conduction Roasting
Number of Motors 4 motors
Body Type : Stainless steel body, Brass body

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